100 miles in a week…

I started the week off slowly, after a rather hilly insane 50 miler last Sunday. Set off for a gentle ride around Lower Ashton and Nailsea with the other half. Beautiful evening and a nice relaxing ride with a few sprints to stretch out my legs.

I’m quite happy with how the rides ranged this week, I have to keep myself interested by changing up the routes and skill set of each ride. I was joined by a friend on another gentle ride of just 20 miles, then the next day I stepped up my training by cycling out to Belmont Hill and climbing up it three times in a row. Then time-trialled home after I’d had a meeting in Bath. The cycle path was lovely and quiet so I didn’t disturb anyone while I ploughed through the countryside with my arms low on the handlebars. Getting back into Bristol city centre slowed me down horrendously. If only proper cycle lanes actually existed… a girl can dream.

I had days off on Tuesday and Saturday this week, which will probably remain my regular rest days. Sunday is left for a hard ride. The final ride this week saw me complete 30 miles in 2 hours, which after a slow summer was pretty good average for me, including the horrendous Portbury Lane (2 mile hill on Strava).

So I knew I could do 100 miles in a day, but getting out five times in a week to complete 100 miles over a week, with an unpredictable work schedule is going to prove challenging. But I’ll keep at it. Just chipping away each day and being sensible about training.





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