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11am Sunday morning sat on my bike just by the Clifton Suspension Bridge. My aim is to complete 100 miles in a week. Currently standing at 53. It’s going to have to be a long one.

Windy and slightly wet day ahead, but hey, if I was a fair weather cyclist I’d never actually cycle, especially in England. So joined by my friend and cycling enthusiast Leo we made a plan to get over a slightly larger bridge to the one in front of us, the Old Severn Bridge, (that had been shut the day before because of extreme winds). This was our pathway to Wales.

Here’s a little photo journal of the trip. 63 miles of wonderful cycling. Great roads, great views. Just a joy. It wasn’t easy and by the end I knew all my reserves were gone, but what a way to go over target and complete 117 miles this week.

Crossing the old Severn Bridge. We had to keep a lot of weight on the front wheel to avoid being blown over!
Blurred lines. Whizzing down the roads in Wales. The long slow climbs were rewarded by the descents! At one point I hit 40mph. Eek.
We took a very short detour off route to go and visit Tintern Abbey. Located very near the River Wye, it was built in 1131 and was victim to the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII, later in the 16th Century.
It’s the road cyclist’s code to stop when you see another rider with a puncture or mechanical. Even just to check if they’re OK. We found out this guy was headed to Bristol University in September to study Maths. We couldn’t fix the puncture (he had a lift on the way) as his spare inner tube was a repaired one … or so he had thought. Hopefully he got home safe!
Here’s the route from my Strava account.


63.3 Miles.

4 Hours 37 Minutes.

4,701ft Climbed.

13.7mph Average Speed.



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