Keep calm but keep cycling…

After my Welsh ride on the 21st August, which pushed my weekly aim of 100 to 118 miles, I still managed another week of 100 miles on top of that, up until the bank holiday weekend. My legs were feeling it. I had to just calm down.

After a week off (due to a hectic work schedule) which consisted of only a 10 miler, I hopped back on my bike yesterday with fresh legs and glided through 22 miles from Bristol to Portishead and back. Relive my ride here. I felt 100% better and I see why athletes taper, a week doesn’t make that much difference and allows muscles and mind to recover.

I get addicted to exercise, then I usually injure myself somehow, stop, get fat and feel terrible and undo all my good work. What I’m trying to find is a balance. Cycling is my exercise, it’s definitely my thing. I even have the tattoo to prove it. I can’t run (well it just hurts – took me two Bristol half marathons to realise how bad it is for me), I don’t enjoy swimming and the gym bores me. Programs like MoveGB almost excite me, but I don’t like relying on others to exercise and going to classes just isn’t my thing and I promise I tried.

I started Cycling Miles to keep track of my  progress, routes and emotions. I want this website to develop into something more as I can’t believe how many of you are reading already! So anyway, all I’m doing here is making a promise to keep it up. To myself and to you. Stayed tuned for more cycling updates and news, including coverage of the Tour of Britain as it comes through Bath and Bristol on consecutive days.

Keep calm but keep cycling…

Mary x


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